Star Date

Have you agreed a delivery date with your client? With Star Date, Heppner adapts its delivery schedule and holds goods free of charge for up to five days. You can even request a fixed delivery date before midday with the complementary Star Date 12 option. This means that you stay in total control of the service.

Star Priority

Have an urgent order to deliver in under 48 hours? An important recipient who has to receive particular care? Deliveries sent with the Star Priority option are handled separately to ensure that the delivery schedule given is respected every time. With the Star Priority 12 option, you can even request that the delivery is made before noon on the agreed date. Star Priority therefore ensures an optimal level of service for all of your deliveries.

Star Plan

If your recipients are rarely available, away, on construction sites, etc., it is better to let them be in control so that they can set the delivery date themselves. With Star Plan, they will receive SMS or e-mail notifications that allow them to plan the date of their choice from a weekly schedule. A two-hour time slot will then be sent to them. This way, you can be certain that your products will be delivered on the first attempt without disturbing your client’s operations.

Star Care

Does your recipient work in a specific department within an office or a hospital? Do deliveries have to be made to the backroom? With Star Care, Heppner goes further than the building entrance to bring the package to the exact spot that you indicated. At your request, we can also unload the cargo from the pallets to make it easier to put your products on the shelves. This makes delivery a real lever of personalisation and added value for your clients.