Reliability and respecting schedules

95% of your deliveries are completed in 24-48 hours. The advantage of Heppner Hacas groupage is our ability to offer deliveries at a consistent level of service and quality anywhere in France. Take advantage of our network of 70 agencies in France, our perfect knowledge of distribution networks, particularly for supermarkets, and our made-to-measure offers, such as deliveries to upper floors, on shelves and on Saturdays, etc.

Transparent information

Transported in a fully integrated network, your packages are tracked from start to finish, without any relabelling and no loss of information. This also applies to charter flows because our partners also have a full set of tools that allows them to provide information in real time.

Fast and flexible

Our organisation aims to respond efficiently to your specific requirements. Take advantage of our Express service for your urgent deliveries or our offer of assigned vehicles for your deliveries that are outside the transport plan or involve specific constraints.

Tracking and proximity

Our locally based, multilingual Customer Support service is in direct contact with the Heppner teams in France. It is also in a position to contact you proactively, offer you tailored solutions and provide you with continuous tracking for your entire business.